Sports Schedule Background Generator

Nov 2015 - Jan 2016

Sports Schedule Background Generator (not the most creative name) is a web app used to create background images based on a sport team's schedule. It's my introduction into the world of React, Redux, ES2015, and Webpack.


Node.js, React/Redux, Babel/ES2015, ESLint w/ Airbnb config, Mocha/Chai, Webpack


Golf Swing Analyzer

Winter 2009

  • Tracked golf swing from an overhead view.
  • Used background subtraction and region segmentation to pick out motion of club head.
  • Fit trajectory to a polynomial curve for analysis.

Python, OpenCV, SciPy

Language Processor

Summer 2009

  • Created a context-free grammar for a language with minimal features.
  • Wrote a processor to generate Java ByteCode for a particular source file of the language using Java with the NetBeans IDE.
  • Converted ByteCode files into Java class files to be run on a Java Virtual Machine using Jasmin.

Java, Jasmin

Green Design Advisor (Senior Engineering Project)

Spring 2009

  • Project goal was to create a web application to advise organizations on how to make their products and processes more environmentally friendly.
  • Designed a database schema to hold information to be retrieved by the main web application.
  • Used various web technologies to create a tool for the client to modify the database.
  • Met weekly with client to go over application specifics and receive feedback.

PHP, XHTML, CodeIgniter, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, jQuery

Object-Oriented Systems Analysis

Fall 2008

  • Worked with a team to create a Systems Requirements Specification document for the Columbus Department of Recreation and Parks.
  • SRS was based on a needed update of a system used to keep track of trees in Columbus.
  • Various UML methods were used including use case diagrams, scenarios, prototypes and class diagrams.
    Presented a section of our SRS to the client at the end of the quarter.

UML, Microsoft Visio, Pencil (GUI Prototyping)

Systems Software Design, Development, and Documentation

Fall 2008

  • Worked with a team to develop an assembler, linker/loader, and simulator for the RISCIE 560 assembly language.
  • Used Visual Studio 2008 as an IDE, Google Code for project hosting and SVN for version control.
  • Contributed to documentation written to complement the software.